Reflection on How To Read Like a Writer

I am the black sheep in my family. Everyone else in my family is great at either sports, school, or art. I am only good at one thing, talking… A lot. Luckily for me, I can transfer all of my thinking and my talking onto paper so people don’t have to sit down and have an unbearableĀ  Two and a half hour conversation about how the 80’s ruined music (sorry Paula Abdul fans, but your taste in music ruined the rest of the generation). However, I still feel that we are complicating the writing process entirely. The article provided great details on how to become a decent writer, but he is missing a very important factor. We are all so different in so many different ways. You cannot make the idea so concrete that “this is the ONLY way that an individual can learn” which I believe is the entire problem with the education system here in the first place. We all have our own ways of doing things and learning new things. You can look at my posts and you can see that I had a bit of an issue with first starting this whole process of setting up a blog. I still have my apprehensions towards it, mostly because I don’t believe in needing an audience to feel valid in this world (but it’s also because most of the time I swear in my writing and certain words aren’t allowed in this class I assume). I don’t do technology. I’m like a Fifty year old man trapped inside of twenty two year old’s body. I barely know how to get my wifi started back up again when it goes down.

My point is, we are still limiting ourselves by saying that we can only learn one way. While this style may be effective in how to better your writing, it may not be the best for EVERYBODY. Wow! “But Josh, he went to college and lived in London and did theater after graduating college. Shouldn’t that mean that he is reliable source and cannot lead us astray?” First off, this dude was an arts major, which means he couldn’t succeed in anything else so he took the easy route and took all the classes that everyone got A’s in in high school. Which means he knows nothing about brain structure and the concept of learning itself. Don’t get me wrong, I actually liked this article and do believe that it can help. Notice the word CAN in my sentence. CAN does not mean that it WILL. Which means that his promise to us still has a chance of failing.

So again, my advice to you, don’t listen to anything that anyone else tells you to do. Specifically with writing, all you really need is to know where commas and periods go and from there just take off. Go write something, start with a journal. Everything else will come together. But if you put these limits on yourself by saying “this is the only way”, know now that you are setting yourself up for failure entirely.

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1 thought on “Reflection on How To Read Like a Writer

  1. I really like your opener – It gets the reader’s attention – for sure. The post doesn’t really circle back to that idea of you being the black sheep though… and I think there is some potential for it to do so. You refer to the article in general terms. Work on integrating specific textual quotes to bounce your opinions off of.


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