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Blogs are a great way to get your opinions and views of the world out onto the web, but they’re also great for when you feel incredibly alone and feel the need to have an audience critiquing you 24/7. Seeing that blogs have become the center focus of this class I have decided to do a blog tour. My blog tour is going to derail slightly on what my original blog is supposed to be about. I have studied and read the blogs of two particular people doing two opposite blog posts of each other. One focuses on surveying college campuses on random questions, the other has decided to take a bold move and talk about her religious beliefs and why others should have some form of a belief system.  To respect Privacy I will not use either of the names of the bloggers.

The first blogger has impressed me and gone the opposite direction of almost every blogger I know and had decided to use statistics and factual evidence on his topics. He has used topics such as “would you slap your friend for $10,000?” or “who should be bringing in the primary income the man or the woman?” This blogger exposes the true nature of human beings by using pie charts and graphs. I have taken some of his surveys as well so I’m proud to say that there’s a percent in there that is mine! That must be pretty difficult to have to ask a question a day from your peers. You would have to come up with a question first and then have to ask a large number of students those questions in a very short time frame.

The next blogger takes a very unique approach as well but it not in the safest sense. This blogger uses religion. A very touchy topic in today’s society. I would know, I served a two year mission for my church and let me tell you, people do not want religion being brought up at all. Even the religious people get uncomfortable when you ask them “would you like to talk about Jesus Christ?” the answer most of the time is a really uncomfortable “No”. With that in mind I would tread very lightly on the topic of certain religious practices such as prayer because there are others whose beliefs do not match with mine on prayer, or there may be someone who doesn’t have religious beliefs. I don’t care about offending people over religion. If you’re not a religious person then don’t read a blog about religious beliefs. But to the blogger writing about prayer and there come to Jesus moments, be aware that many people may not read your blog outside of this class, but keep the faith anyways.

Blogging is a great way to get your voice out there. It can help others bounce ideas off of you as well. Once you ave mastered this technique writing can become an easy process for you in the long run.



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